Teaching on Mark 4:35-41

In this gathering of our church, Dan walked us through the story of Jesus calming the story. Echoing the final apex of Mark’s narrative, Dan drives us to the question we all have to ask of Jesus: “Who is this?” As he took us through the story, Dan reminded us that each of us, believer and nonbeliever, alike have to answer the question, not just once, but all our days. Here’s the recording.


Teaching on Mark 4:1-34

Well, unfortunately, we had a mishap with the recording from the week before (hey–tech supplies aren’t high on our list of priorities as a church!), so Dan begins this teaching with a summary of what he’d covered in the previous gathering. In that, he looked at the different images of the kingdom Jesus presented, challenging the way we usually approach the parables and finding hope in a kingdom that God himself grows. After giving the summary, Dan took us deep into the tension of a king who speaks in parables “so that” those with hardened hearts would NOT believe. He fearlessly led us into the murky but faithful territory of divine sovereignty¬†and human responsibility, finally bringing us to Romans 9 to center us in the Apostle Paul’s two-thousand-year-old words of instruction. Here’s the recording.

Teaching on Mark 3:20-35 (Pt. 2)

This week, we return to the same passage we covered in the week before. But this time, we focus on the book-ends of the story, where Jesus’ family comes to get him because of his outrageous behavior. In digging into the passage, we come face-to-face with a complete redefinition of family. Jesus casts aside the primary place of our earthly family and instead replaces it with our eternal family. In this new hierarchy, our families are those that share the same Father through the One True Big Brother. Here’s the recording.

Teaching on Mark 3:20-35 (Pt. 1)

This passage is interesting because it contains how two different groups are responding to the works and teachings of Jesus, but with one book-ending the other. So this week, we took a look at the inner story where the religious leaders accuse Jesus of casting demons out by the power of Beelzebul. Jesus answers with some famous words about a divided house, but then gives us insight into his spiritual work and the bound strong man of the house. But then he takes a surprising turn by talking about the eternal sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. So we as a church try to tackle together what that means. Here’s the recording.

Teaching on Mark 3:13-19

In this passage, Jesus calls those he himself wanted, the twelve who he intended to stay close to his side for the rest of his ministry. In looking at it, we explored the fact that we don’t know much about these guys who were the closest humans to Jesus, displaying their humility and deference to their king. But we also noticed the presence of Judas Iscariot in this list, the one would turn away from Jesus and betray. And in so doing, we explored the nature of those who look like they’re of us but eventually leave and show they’re not. Here’s the recording.

Teaching on Mark 3:6-13

In a slightly unusual split for the text, I took a look at the four different groups represented in this week’s passage. These groups help to highlight some of the different kinds of responses Jesus can produce in the sinner’s heart: anger, jealousy, hatred, awe, amazement, selfishness, acknowledgement, worship, devotion, love. And in examining these four groups, I tried to ask some questions to assess how our own hearts are responding to our king. Here’s the recording.

Teaching on Mark 3:1-6

In this week’s passage, we find the escalation of this stage of the opposition to Jesus. Here we find an extension of Jesus’ teaching from the previous week, where there’s controversy surrounding Jesus on the Sabbath. In this case, it’s a man in the synagogue with a withered hand. As Jesus again tests the religious leaders, he asks them a question meant to both corner them and expose the hypocrisy of their thinking–a hypocrisy we so easily carry in our own hearts. And in so doing, he finally drove these leaders to wanting to kill him, his road to the cross. Here’s the recording.